Noy Daabul

Radford University


The level of professionalism here is something I have not yet encountered. Very high speed training with very physical players, the coaching staff takes care of your health and fitness 24/7. One must not forget that one of the goals of the group is the studies, and as an athlete you have to invest in studies and provide results more than any regular student. And about social life - just like in movies, nothing to add!

Yoni Sorokin

University of Central Florida


Before I came to UCF I had a lot of doubts and fears about life here, away from family and friends. Also, I did not know how I would manage with my studies and language. Now, after a short period of time, I can say I made the right choice to get here I have the opportunity to meet amazing people from all over the world and learn about different cultures, plus I have the opportunity to get some help that I just need in order to succeed in school. The sports facilities - fitness rooms, treatment rooms and soccer fileds are of the highest standard. And the training team and medical staff are very professional and are always looking to contribute and help players get better. I could not ask for more

Ilai Shvika

San Diego State University


The decision to go to college no doubt changed my life. I can not imagine how my life would look if I did not go to college. It's hard to describe in words the tremendous improvement that has taken place in both my professional life (football) and in terms of personal development as a person. Being a student - athlete in a college at the United States is a tremendous privilege that I would warmly recommend to anyone who aspires to a high level.

Omer Priyov

Tyler Junior College


This is a powerful and challenging experience both in soccer and academically. To my delight in my first year, I was successful and won the title that every young player would like to win. In addition, I met new friends from all over the world that after such an intensive period, today they are a significant part of my life. It's already clear to me that the decision to come here was very right for me.

Omer Green

Catawba College


So I came to the United States for the first time to play soccer and study. It's been a while, but I can say that when I arrived, it was hard to adapt to the new culture and especially to the foreign language. But over time, I can say that I am improving in every way and enjoy a high level of football with facilities, training staff and training level at the highest level. And of course combines it with bachelor's degree of a high academic level. While fulfilling my goals, I am experiencing a new and amazing country, friends from all over the world, and mentally maturing. I'm looking forward to the future with impatience!

Sagi Badash

Arizona Western College


The move to college is something that goes with many aspects. If it's in soccer, the facilities are top level and the level of training that is different from Israel. From the social point of view, I met friends who are like brothers that I know will help with no matter when and where and most importantly it is the studies, which at first is a bit difficult, but after the semester ended I looked back and realized that this was an experience I would not have experienced anywhere else. This is by far the most important step I have made and I recommend everyone to do it!

Julian Lucumi

Belmont University


Coming to the U.S and leaving my family behind, was not a easy decision but it is something that I never regret. The opportunity that I have been given in college soccer has been amazing, getting a high level education and playing in a high level of football as well. The facilities are amazing and the treatment that the staff give to the student-athletes is the best one. It's something that make you feel like home. Getting to know new cultures and learning a new language, is something that has made me grow up a lot as a person. And competing in a high level and in good facilites has made me grow up as a player.

Hagai Yalon

Florida Atlantic University


The decision to leave everything and go to college is probably one of the most difficult decisions there is. After two years, I can say wholeheartedly that this is the best decision I made. I gained the opportunity to practice and play under conditions that you do not see in Israel and combine it with academic studies. In addition to all, life here is enjoyable and every day is an experience.



Ofek Pinto

Adelphi University


When I came here, everything was different and strange at first, but my teammates and coaching staff were there to help me acclimatize with everything I needed. My English has improved and my studies are only getting better. As far as football is concerned, I'm in an amazing team that only wants to win every possible title, facilities of a high standard and all the means to success. Most of the players in the team are players from foreign countries and that is what connects us all, traveling endlessly together and growing more and more by the minute. I'm glad I got to where I am and I'm sure it'll be even get better later on.



Alon Grod

San Diego State University


"The football is at very high level, everyone wants to do well and give 100 percent every workout. The group is like one big family. When it comes to the conditions around, you feel as if you are playing for Real Madrid, all big and new. At first the school was difficult, because it is in a foreign language, and sometimes there are classes of 500 students, but because I'm an athlete, they made sure to give me help, and held my academic advisor and tutor in any class I had difficulties in and slowly I also felt improvement when it comes to English. The experience is amazing and I feel lucky to have been given the opportunity to go out to study and play at San Diego State University!"

Sagi Hirsch

Georgia Gwinnett College


"After great concerns from the transition to a distant country with a different culture and a foreign language, I found amazing people here who received me in the most beautiful way. It took some time getting used to learn English, but I got help from every professor so that I could succeed. The facilities here are at a very high level as well as the level of training and the knowledge of the medical and professional staff. I'm extremly happy I came here and highly recommend!!"

Eden Gendler

Post University


"I'm in college rather short period. During this period I've improved amazingly in English, and while studying all week, I also feel improvement. I've met new people from the United States and from all over the world, I traveled with my team to games around the East Coast, I learned soccer here is very physical and fast and I arrived with my team to our conference finals. I enjoy every minute of it and it just gets better and better! "

Arad Lev Ari

University of Montevallo


"I left the country and was a bit apprehensive ahead of what I was going, but soon all concerns evaporated when I realized I had the best decision I could make. Integrate football in the most professional conditions along with studies in higher education and social life of college it's a winner. I met people from all over the world and made friends for life and my experience can only see in the movies. I would urge anyone who thinks about this process to select college because soon he will realize that he made the right decision."

Tom Bar Yosef

Delta State University


"Soccer wise the level of professionalism is at the highest level and it starts with the smallest things that in Israel, not consider them important. (clothing, shoes, ice baths, physiotherapy, energy drinks before and after workouts, diet neat). In away games that requires long trips we sleep at quality hotels, stop eating in restaurants all the team together for bonding. An amazing experience! School wise, everything begins and ends with your approach. If you'll work hard, you'll succeed. Overall, I'm having a great time and feel I got the most correct decision about my future."

Vladik Margolin

University of Montevallo


"Leave everything and go into the unknown is always hard, but for me it was one of the easiest decisions I have ever took. From the first moment I heard about the possibility of going to play football in combination of studies in the United States, I did not think twice and just took it with both hands. The combination of an student - athlete at the highest level that causes you to do things you did not know. You get to know people and new cultures and learn every day and experiencing something new. This experience is incredible, I highly recommend to anyone who wants to go, take it with both hands!"

Adir Versano

Mercer County College


"There are no words to describe this amazing experience - college soccer. You train and play at a high level, breaking every personal record, see and learn different cultures from around the world, learning to live alone in a foreign country and combines academic studies in a foreign language. Simply amazing. Sometimes I do not take that this is my reality! I would like to thank the Horizon Life Sport team for the opportunity of a lifetime."

Liron Bahash

Mercer County College


"This moment, a few seconds before going onto the pitch, such a long way from your home, when the announcer say your name, hearing the American national anthem and see the crowd comes every time, is an indescribable feeling all over again. Be a college player is awesome. Everything is conducted in a very professional manner. Very high level of training, from the small things to big ones. I think that this is the best thing for a young football player whose career stalled for one reason or another. This is the best place and springboard in my opinion, professionally and personally and with the rare combination of studies which provide the option to build your future safety net, it's an amazing thing. I highly recommend!"

Orel Tayeb

Barton College


"The transition to college in the United States is the biggest and most meaningful step in my life. Step turned out to be the best for me. This transition led me to understand that I can do anything. It is not easy to leave your family and friends at home, but when I came here, I met lifelong friends from different cultures, that have become like family. The combination of a soccer and school is amazing. I get the best conditions for success, nothing like in Israel. Living the dream!"



Shachar Elisha

Texas A&M University - Commerce


"I took a desicion to leave everything I'm comfortable and known with and begin with the journey of my life. Learn new amazing language, meet new people from all over the world and most important learn about myself." "You need to expect from yourself things you aren't able to do" - Micheal Jordan.

Niv Fogel

Iowa Western College


"Leave everything and go into the unknown is always difficult, but after only a short time everything becomes a dream. This is a perfect example that hard work does pays off at the end. This is a combination of studies and soccer at a high level with a lot of opportunities to get as far as possible. Just an amazing experience. I recommend to anyone who wants and can, go for it!"



Nadeer Ghantous

Cal Poly Pomona University


"One of the most difficult decisions I had to take, turned out to be the best one. Combining studies and soccer at high-level, meeting people from all over the world and absorb new cultures, it's a journey where every day you learn something new that makes you stronger and builds you up to the day after college. The expectations from a student-athletic are very high. You're expected to be almost perfect at every training session, game, lesson or test. It is a lifetime experience - so anyone who has the opportunity, I suggest you take it with two hands, you will not regret, promise!!"



Keren Sharabi

Oklahoma City University


"The US experience, combining studies and soccer is an experience not to be missed. The acquired knowledge, different cultures, new friends and the endless recognition that I've received from other people, all are worth every minute. For me, leaving what's familiar to me was a little hard, but I realized that I had the opportunity to start and build my career all over again."



Gonnie Ben Tal

Baker University


"The transition to the United States as it turned out as one of the best decisions I got. Every day I enjoy soccer at a high level, academic studies and everyday culture is different. I'm exposed and experience some great things, that I probably would not have if given up this opportunity."

Tal Bublil 

Drexel University


"The toughest decision I have ever made, ended up being the best and most influential of my life. Having countless experiences with amazing people from all over the world has shaped my life to who I am today. I'm grateful for having this wonderful life-experience and without a doubt would have made the same decision over again."

Sagi Lev Ari

California State University, Northridge


"My college career has been something I'll hold close to my heart. Ever since I can remember, I've always been interested in the idea of studying and playing in the United States, and it certainly didn't disappoint. The facilities here are second to none, some of them even better than that of professional teams. Granted, it's difficult at times to be a full time student with soccer on a daily basis, but once you become well acquainted with the routine it becomes a pleasure - and if anything it allows you to become more mature as you have to ensure you're well organized. In addition to this, I've met some great friends who I will no doubt remain in contact with throughout my life."

Eshel Chardon

Cal Poly Pomona University


"This step I took, is clearly the greatest and most significant step in my life to date. I feel blessed to have fallen granted the privilege to fulfill one of my million dreams. Every moment here makes me feel more and more at home. All the experiences I gain here will accompany me wherever I go. I meet people from all over the world and earn lifelong friends from different cultures and different worlds. I feel like I'm a lot more diverse and educated human being. I'm having fun."

Daniel Altman

University of Hartford


"When I heard about the possibility of combining studies and soccer, immediately I jumped at the chance. I left the country, family and friends, and started a major challenge in my life. Longing are many, but once you know you are able to take advantage of your skills on both the athletic and academic levels, you feel enormous satisfaction and the sacrifice is very worthwhile."

Itai Erez

Fairleigh Dickinson University


"The experience in the US is amazing. You can not understand it until you're here. I had many thoughts of how to leave your family and be in a different place with a different culture and a different language. The level of soccer and training is very high and the coaches are professionals in every respect. The social side is amazing, at first you need to explain people that Israel is different from what they see on TV, and after a couple of weeks, they want to come visit. In general, I'm extremely happy and would recommend people to take this step. This is an amazing step that will greatly contribute my future."

Udi Cohen

University of Hartford


"Going to college has been the best decision I have ever made in my life. The soccer level is very high, and the expectations for a student athlete are very high as well. You have to work hard on and off the field to prove yourself. It can be harsh sometimes; being far from your family and friends, the different language and finding the balance between soccer and school. However, the positive side of college overshadows all challenges; and, yes, it is just like in the movies."

David Lazarof

Marymount California University


"Playing soccer in American college is a dream come true. It is all different here: The language, atmosphere and high level of professionalism makes it a great joy and satisfaction playing soccer here. There are things and experiences I will take with me to the rest of my life like meeting new people from all over the world and living in the dorms; which is just like in the movies. If I could, I would have stretched this life period over ten years."

Dor Uzan

Saint Peter's University


"I still can not comprehend that I play and study in college in the US, in New York, a half-hour train ride from Manhattan. I always wanted to combine studies and football, but to do so in the US, it's just a dream! Of course it's not always easy being away from family, learn a foreign language and to meet the expectations from you on the field. But, when you succeed, this is a tremendous feeling of pride and satisfaction. I strongly recommend it to anyone who fits and able."

Itay Hajaj

University of Wisconsin Green-Bay


"I highly recommend everyone to go this path. This path have changed my life. Combining both soccer and academic education in the United States is a great and unique experience. Thanks to it, I have many fun and exciting stories to tell. This is something I will take for the rest of my life."

Amit Aburman

Boston College


"Today in retrospect, I have no doubt that this is the best decision I've ever made in my life. The professionalism, teachers, many friends all over the world gave me a powerful experience that not many get to have. Learn new cultures combined with academic degree studying at world famous institutions, while integrating my loved soccer game opened up for me a new world of opportunities."



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