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Horizon Life Sports provides a wide-array of services all related to the college admission and placement process.

All of the below items are included in our service package:

SAT / TOEFL Preparation

The SAT and TOEFL are standardized exam that tests your profiency of the English language. Your scores in these exams are one of the main criteria’s universities use to admit/deny students. We work with experienced partners that will prepare you for the SAT & TOEFL exams in order to provide you with the opportunity to be accepted to universities that match your academic capabilities and skills.


Many top university sports programs will not commit financially to a player unless they see him/her play in person. We will organize showcases that connect players seeking scholarship with university coaches and decision makers. This will allow you to showcase your talent and get feedback from coaches and ultimately get athletic scholarship.

Resume and Cover Letter Building

There are a lot of good athletes looking for scholarships. Sometimes what makes the difference is your life story and experience that makes you be a better candidate and thus be favored over others. We will help illustrate your experience and advantages over other prospects.

Video Profiles

Coaches of Universities get hundreds of emails a day with player’s seeking scholarships. They don’t look at 95% of them because they are not formulated in a convenient way. We will take your footage and put together a video profile to showcase your talent and get you the foot in the door to further showcase your talent.

Scholarship Consulting

You can be the best player in the world but if you don’t have direct access to college coaches, there is no way for them to recruit you. Once you have fulfilled all the requirements, we will represent and negotiate a scholarship for you. Our goal is to get you a maximum athletic scholarship for that will commensurate with your professional and academic abilities.

Summer Internship

Most colleges in the US have two major breaks during the winter and summer months. We assist our athletes in finding part-time jobs/internships to further pursue their passions and get them more experience in the field they want to be in after graduation.

Athlete Representation

If any player excels in their athletic ability and looks to pursue a professional career, we provide athlete representation for certain sports and can players get started in the pro’s.

Horizon Life Sport

Our mission is to educate, prepare and provide young, talented men and women footballers around the world with the opportunity to attend American universities. Our players will have the opportunity to receive a college degree, play the sport they love and experience the American culture.

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