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Horizon Life Sport provides professional assistance for young, talented men and women footballers to understand, prepare, apply and ultimately receive athletic scholarships at American universities. We will personally assist and follow every step from starting our process to arriving to the university campus. We will also continue to help our players throughout their college careers. We provide a unique opportunity for young footballers to further develop their career within sports and simultaneously pursue their education at highly respectable academic institutions around the US.

Omer Priyov

Tyler Junior College


This is a powerful and challenging experience both in soccer and academically. To my delight in my first year, I was successful and won the title that every young player would like to win. In addition, I met new friends from all over the world that after such an intensive period, today they are a significant part of my life. It's already clear to me that the decision to come here was very right for me.

Nadeer Ghantous

Cal Poly Pomona University

"One of the most difficult decisions I had to take, turned out to be the best one. Combining studies and soccer at high-level, meeting people from all over the world and absorb new cultures, it's a journey where every day you learn something new that makes you stronger and builds you up to the day after college. The expectations from a student-athletic are very high. You're expected to be almost perfect at every training session, game, lesson or test. It is a lifetime experience - so anyone who has the opportunity, I suggest you take it with two hands, you will not regret, promise!!"

Yoni Sorokin

University of Central Florida


Before I came to UCF I had a lot of doubts and fears about life here, away from family and friends. Also, I did not know how I would manage with my studies and language. Now, after a short period of time, I can say I made the right choice to get here I have the opportunity to meet amazing people from all over the world and learn about different cultures, plus I have the opportunity to get some help that I just need in order to succeed in school. The sports facilities - fitness rooms, treatment rooms and soccer fileds are of the highest standard. And the training team and medical staff are very professional and are always looking to contribute and help players get better. I could not ask for more

Horizon Life Sport

Our mission is to educate, prepare and provide young, talented men and women footballers around the world with the opportunity to attend American universities. Our players will have the opportunity to receive a college degree, play the sport they love and experience the American culture.

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